Widespread awareness and progressive sensibilities, combined with new work modes spurred on by the pandemic, created a conducive atmosphere for inclusivity in Indian organizations. Greater acceptance of the idea of a diverse workforce has been gaining ground among Indian employers for more than a decade now. 

The upheaval caused by Covid-19, and the new configurations of doing work have accelerated the journey towards Diversity, Inclusivity and Belonging (DI&B). The unprecedented threat organizations faced undoubtedly put brakes on many progressive policies.Despite this, the pandemic has made companies sit up and rethink conventional talent strategies. As a result, DI&B has assumed a level of significance unseen before today.

These developments call for a study of the degree of inclusivity India Inc. has and is working towards. Indeed commissioned a comprehensive, large scale study in October 2021 involving the survey of 1,142 distinct employers and 1,430 employees across 10 sectors – such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), IT and Knowledge Services, Media and Entertainment, Retail, and Telecommunications – and across 11 Indian cities. The research also involved in-depth interviews with Diversity managers and people working in organizations representing vulnerable groups. 

Our purpose is to make more and more organizations aware of the potential tangible and intangible benefits of DI&B.