This policy is formulated and recommended by the Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Committee in compliance with Section 135 (3) (a) read together with the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014 (“CSR Rules”) notified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The Board of Directors (“Board”) of Indeed India Operations Private Limited (“Company”) has adopted the following policy and procedures with regard to implementation of CSR. The Board may review and amend this policy from time to time subject to the recommendations of CSR Committee.

Policy Philosophy

We, Indeed India Operations Private Limited (“Company”) are committed to being a good corporate citizen as we believe it helps us to achieve our goals and build a sustainable business for our current and future stakeholders. It is therefore a conscious strategy to design and implement social investments / CSR programs to create shared values.


In line with our beliefs, our objective is to formulate guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities of the Company in accordance with the provisions of Companies Act, 2013, Rules and regulations made thereunder.

Coverage of Areas

The Company shall where it decides to spend any amount earmarked for CSR activities, give preference to the local area and areas around it where the Company operates. Such CSR activities shall align with the Company’s CSR policies and values and may include: —

  1. Promotion of education including special education and employment enhancing vocational skills especially among children, women, elderly, and the differently abled;
  2. Promotion of vocational skilled development and training of youth by holding of workshops, seminars and conferences which aids in creating employment enhancement opportunities for lowly paid or unemployed youth;
  3. Provision of education to underprivileged children;
  4. Promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women for purposes of reducing inequalities;
  5. Contribution towards projects and programs (including community-based projects) for development of innovative solutions that enables efficient energy generation and consumption;
  6. Promotion and provision of financial assistance to technology incubators located within academic institutions;
  7. Financial assistance to reputed non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”) working in any of the above indicated areas.


The Company shall endeavor to allocate appropriate budget identified in the CSR Rules, to the extent applicable or required.


All CSR activities will be implemented by following certain rules and procedures to guarantee that the program reaches its intended target and creates tangible impact. The following procedure, among others, may be followed while executing CSR activities:

  • Identification of priority areas;
  • Project preparation/ project examination;
  • Stakeholder identification; and
  • Project implementation.

Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism

  • Monitoring and evaluation is an essential part of any CSR initiative, which help businesses in enhancing their CSR programs.
  • Compliance with this policy will be continuously monitored and subject to review by the CSR Committee of the Company.
  • Compliance will be reported to stakeholders as appropriate.
  • CSR Committee shall be consulted with respect to CSR activities are undertaken within India.
  • It would be the responsibility of the CSR Committee to ensure the implementation of this policy.
  • This policy may be reviewed periodically by the Board, and updated whenever required, ensuring that it reflects the current interests of the stakeholders.
  • CSR Committee would be responsible for ensuring that the principles set out in this policy are communicated, understood and observed to ensure compliance.


The contents of the approved CSR Policy shall be disclosed in the Board’s Report/meetings and displayed on the Company’s website, if any.


Collaborative partnerships may be formed with NGOs and other like-minded stakeholders including other companies, registered trusts and societies. This will help widen the Company's reach and leverage the collective expertise of those third party organisations.

Management Commitment

Our Board of Directors, our Management and all of our employees subscribe to the philosophy of compassionate care. We believe and act on an ethos of generosity and compassion, characterized by a willingness to build a society that works for everyone. This is the cornerstone of our CSR policy.

Our Board of Directors shall ensure that the surplus arising out of any CSR activity is not a part of business profits of the Company.

Our CSR policy conforms to the CSR provisions notified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and is subject to revision/amendment in accordance with the guidelines as may be issued by the Government, from time to time.