How Indeed Can Support a Digital Recruitment Process


If your company is hiring, you’ll likely need to make some changes to your recruitment process given the current environment. While navigating those changes, Indeed is here to help by providing solutions that can help support your recruitment needs.

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Creating a competitive job title and description

When posting a job, it’s important to create a clear, concise job title. In today’s hiring climate, jobseekers are likely to be searching for exact terms. When you post a job on Indeed, our job description builder allows you to pick a standard job title and provides recommendations on related, most-searched job titles in your area. Our job description builder also allows you to designate when jobs are only temporarily remote, like in the case of positions that will no longer be remote after the COVID-19 outbreak. We also provide resources that explain job post best practices to make sure your job description attracts good-quality candidates.

Screen for key qualifications up front

When posting your job, set free applicant qualification questions, called screener questions, to verify if candidates meet your preferred or required criteria. This is one of the best ways to ensure candidates have all the non-negotiable skills before they apply. Ask about skills, experience or certifications, then use the answers to those questions to filter candidates in your Employer Dashboard completely remotely.

Make sure your job post is ready to succeed

We’ll give you the option to upgrade your job to a Sponsored Job once you’ve finished submitting your job information. Sponsored Jobs increase your likelihood to hire 5 fold (Source: Indeed Worldwide). Please note: Sponsored Jobs are completely flexible. There are no contracts, and you can pause or close your job at any time.

Maximise job visibility on social media

To give your job additional visibility, ask your peers and colleagues to share your job post to social sites. Don’t have a dedicated careers page on your site to promote? Access your unique Career Page that links to all of your active jobs. Find your Career Page at the bottom of your Employer Dashboard once you post a job. Click the social icons from your dashboard to quickly share.

Easily collaborate on recruitment with your colleagues

You might need to vet candidates across departments before narrowing them down to a quality shortlist. You can add and collaborate with colleagues on your account from your Employer Dashboard, making it easy for other team members to review candidates, share comments and add feedback. With Indeed, no important stakeholder is left out of the hiring loop because all relevant information about a candidate is in one place.

Manage your jobs in one location

The Jobs tab on the Employer Dashboard displays a list of all jobs currently available at your company and shows how many people have clicked on and applied to each job. On this page, you can also see the budget you’ve set for each job. Change any aspect of your posting by clicking ‘Edit job’ beneath the job title.

Let assessments determine a candidate’s skills

Assess candidates’ skills from your Employer Dashboard. If you’d like to screen your candidates before getting in contact with them, send candidate assessments. Once candidates complete the assessment, you will be able to filter candidates by their response in your Employer Dashboard.

Manage candidates in one place

From the Candidates tab of your dashboard, you can preview applicants to your jobs at a glance. Click on a name for a closer look at an applicant’s qualifications and expertise. You can also forward CVs to other recruitment stakeholders for feedback. As you move through the process, you can indicate whether a candidate has been screened, interviewed, rejected or hired by changing the candidate status.

Easily schedule interviews and send messages

When you’re ready to act, message your candidate right from your dashboard. Our messaging tool provides easy-to-use templates to quickly start the conversation. When you’re ready to chat further, schedule the interview right from your Employer Dashboard. To support you with interview resources at this time in particular, we’ve compiled a list of relevant phone screening questions to support remote recruitment. After a phone screening, we recommend conducting a face-to-face interview. During this time of social distancing, video interviews are a great alternative.

Extend the offer

When you’ve selected your top candidate, it’s time to extend a job offer. Before sending the official offer letter, email the candidate to arrange a time to talk over the phone. During the call, express excitement about inviting them to join your team and present the terms of your offer, including salary, benefits, start date, etc. If the candidate accepts your verbal offer, send an official written letter. Your offer letter should include everything you talked about during the phone call.

Check out our resources for writing an engaging, informative job offer letter:

Control the process

Indeed is designed to give you control over all stages of the job posting process, right from your computer. You can edit your job description at any time. If you need time to catch up on reviewing resumes, or you’re suddenly unable to hire at this time, you can pause a job post, which temporarily removes it from Indeed’s site. When you’re ready, you can change the status of your job post back to ’open’ to put it back in search results.

And when you find the right candidate, or if you decide you no longer wish to hire for the position, simply close your job from your Employer Dashboard.

When you use Indeed for a job post, you have the ability to control every part of the recruitment process so that it’s as simple as possible.

From coordinating interviews to hiring a candidate, Indeed is here to support you with whatever you need during this time, and we will continue to provide you with the tools you need for your recruitment process.

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