4 Tools to Help You Find the Right Candidate on Indeed

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Once your job is live, applicants will appear in the Candidates tab of your Employer Dashboard.

The candidates tab on Indeed has a variety of features that will help you manage the profiles you receive. Certain criteria help you filter and sort, and you can even sort out new applications from unreviewed ones. But, sometimes even these tools don’t always put the best candidates first.

Here are 4 specific actions that will help you optimize Indeed’s tools to discover relevant candidates.

Filter by location, last job title and others

When job seekers apply to your job listing with their resumes, relevant sections will be highlighted for you – like applicant’s location, last job title and key details including education.

On the left column of the Candidate’s tab, filter any or all these details that best match your requirements. You can then review the resumes of qualified applicants that fit your needs.

Sort by response to screener questions

Screener questions act as a further shortlisting filter. You can verify job-specific details like educational qualifications, experience and candidate skills, using screener questions. Candidates have to answer these screener questions to apply for a job. The responses will be populated under the Candidates tab.

Remember, if you left your screener question optional, it may not be answered by few candidates. These candidates will therefore not appear if you sort by responses to screener questions.

Filter by skill test score

Indeed Assessments are tailored skills tests that ensure candidates have proficiency in important skills for the position you seek.

Upon completion of the test, the candidate’s results will automatically appear in your Employer Dashboard which will then help you in filtering as per score.

Organize applicants by status

Classifying candidates into specific categories can help in organizing your hiring.

They can be classified as new, reviewed, phone screened, interviewed or rejected. Once this is done, you can sort by applicant status.

You also have the option of marking candidates as Yes/ No/ Maybe, after reviewing their resumes.

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