How to Optimise Jobs from Your Career Site or ATS Directly on Indeed

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Have you ever seen your job post on Indeed even though you did not post it there? That is because Indeed’s search results include jobs that have been posted directly on Indeed (hosted jobs) and jobs aggregated from various online sources such as company career sites and ATS feeds (indexed jobs). We do this to make it easier for jobseekers to find the opportunities they are looking for and to put all of your jobs in front of the 25 crore people that visit Indeed each month.

Did you know that you can edit and manage your indexed jobs on Indeed the same way you do with hosted jobs? There is no need to duplicate posts from your career site or ATS, and you can manage all of your jobs and candidates in one place. You also have the opportunity to access the full suite of Indeed hiring tools such as screener questions, assessments, virtual interviewing and Matched Candidates.

In this article, we will break down how to make your indexed job posts more attractive to jobseekers by adding important details directly on Indeed, as well as how to take advantage of the useful hiring features now available to you. The best part? Indeed can complement and integrate with your existing process.

Indexed vs hosted jobs on Indeed

Here’s a quick breakdown of the two types of jobs on Indeed:

Indeed hosted jobs are jobs that have been created and posted directly on Indeed by employers.

Indexed jobs are simply jobs on the internet that an employer has posted and made publicly visible. Indeed takes those jobs and shows them to relevant jobseekerS in our jobseeker search results.

It used to be that you could only access all of Indeed’s features if you posted directly on Indeed with a hosted job. Now, when jobs posted on your career site or ATS are put on Indeed, you can update, optimise and sponsor them — all from your Employer Dashboard. Not only that, but you can see your hosted and indexed jobs in a single list for a seamless experience. There is no need to toggle back and forth or search through scattered information.

How to optimise your indexed jobs on Indeed

Whether you post your jobs directly on Indeed, your career site or somewhere else online, your jobs will be in one unified jobs list in the Jobs tab of your Employer Dashboard. You can tell which jobs you have posted directly on Indeed vs indexed jobs that have been pulled from somewhere else online by looking for the link icon to the left of the job title. Jobs with this link icon have been sourced from outside Indeed (e.g., company site, ATS feed).*

You can now perform the full range of job edits on your indexed jobs.** To do so, click on the job title and you will be prompted to add important information, such as how many people you want to hire for the role, location and job schedule information.

As you are editing your indexed job, think like a jobseeker and consider including these details:

  • Strong job title: Effective job titles help jobs appear in relevant search results and attract quality candidates. Check out these tips for writing great job titles.
  • Salary or salary range: Jobs with salaries listed receive up to 2.4X more applications.[1]
  • Schedule/shift information: Jobseekers have certain schedules that their job must fit into. Sharing this information upfront ensures there is not a mismatch in requirements or expectations.
  • Benefits: People often look for benefits that align with their family or personal needs. Listing your top benefits/perks can also help you stand out from the competition.

Including this information can have a big impact. In fact, indexed jobs on Indeed that have salary, schedule and benefits information included receive 2X more apply starts.[2]

To unlock even more capabilities, click Use Indeed Apply next to one of your indexed jobs. This enables you to receive jobseeker applications directly on Indeed. It also allows you to access the full range of Indeed features, including screener questions, assessments, Matched Candidates and more.

With Indeed Apply, when jobseekers find your indexed job on Indeed they will no longer be redirected to your website. Instead, they will apply directly through Indeed. Any applications you receive through Indeed are managed on Indeed, not through your career site. You can always turn this off later. Just go to the Application Settings section of your job and choose Apply URL.

You can also now give your indexed jobs an additional boost by sponsoring them directly on Indeed. Just click Sponsor job next to one of your indexed jobs. This helps you get better visibility and attract more of the right applicants. When you add screener questions to your job post and mark one or more of them as “deal breakers,” you will also only pay for candidates that meet those minimum requirements.***

*Experience differs for larger employers

**Edits you make to your jobs through Indeed will only be reflected on Indeed. Changes will not be updated on your website or ATS.

***Not available to all users

Why edit your indexed jobs?

You may be wondering why you should update your indexed jobs directly on Indeed if you can just do so in your ATS or career site. Here are a few reasons why optimising your indexed jobs can help you make better hires, faster:

Enhance your presence on Indeed

Optimising your indexed jobs works a bit like search engine optimisation (SEO). When you include the right details in your Indeed job post, it is more likely to be seen by the right candidates. But some of the jobs sourced from your company career site or ATS may be missing details that jobseekers want to know.

For example, you may be required to retain internal titles like Software Engineer II within your company’s ATS. However, these job titles may not work as well for external candidates on Indeed where 36% of jobseekers search by exact job title.[3] By clarifying the job title on Indeed (and keeping what is required in your ATS), your job may show up in more relevant jobseeker search results.

We also know that jobseekers tend to engage more with jobs that have the key pieces of information they need to move forward with an application. Job details like salary, schedule and benefits are key features for many of Indeed’s automated solutions like Matched Candidates.

Easily screen and filter applicants

When you enable Indeed Apply on your indexed job, you will be able to add screener questions and skill assessments. When candidates apply, they will be prompted to answer your pre-selected screener questions (ex. “Do you have a driver’s licence?”) and/or take any of the 200+ skills tests of your choosing to confirm their skills.

As applicants show up in your Employer Dashboard, you can filter them automatically based on their answers to your screener questions and skills test scores.

Streamline candidate communication and interviews

Indexed jobs can now benefit from our messaging and interviewing tools. Use message templates and bulk messaging features on Indeed to communicate with candidates. You can also schedule and coordinate virtual interviews, then share feedback with your team — right on Indeed.

We also offer an auto-decline tool, called Employer Assist, that rejects applicants automatically if you do not show interest in them within your set timeline. This tool sends rejected candidates a short, direct message letting them know they are no longer being considered for your role. Learn more about Employer Assist.

Manage all jobs and candidates in one place

Manage and track jobs efficiently in your Indeed dashboard where you can search across all roles and locations, track progress towards hiring, export candidates and edit job posts. View all your jobs in a single list (no matter the source) and track candidate applications in one place. This allows you to see all of your hosted and indexed jobs in a single view.

Candidate status reporting is another feature you can now take advantage of. Share where you are in the hiring process by assigning your candidates statuses like Reviewed, Contacted or Rejected. Let your colleagues know information like how many applicants and interviews you have got lined up for a specific job. Learn more about managing candidates on Indeed.

Unlock data to help you make better hiring decisions

Get competitive and market analytics by job type and location when you use Indeed. For example, see how your pay aligns with your competitors, see what search terms candidates are using to find jobs and use interactive charts to view how markets are changing over time.

Indexed jobs on Indeed also now come with performance reports. Use metrics like clicks, impressions and cost to see how your job is performing and optimise as necessary. To access your performance reports, click on the three dots to the right of the job you are interested in and select See performance report.

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