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Excellent candidates often look for jobs that offer them the opportunity to feel valued, engaged and fulfilled. A company’s culture and work environment often sets the tone for employee engagement and satisfaction.

Indeed Company Pages can be used to shine a light on your employer brand and company culture — like a highlight reel showcasing what makes your company a great place to work. In fact, according to an Indeed survey of 750 jobseekers, 67% said online reviews of employers have influenced their decision on where (and what companies) to apply to.

Below, find out how to set up a company page that reflects your employer brand, the difference between paid and non-paid pages and how to make the most of your Company Page to attract the right candidates.


What is an Indeed Company Page?

Indeed Company Pages gives jobseekers an overview of your company culture, work environment, mission and values, and benefits/perks. It is a way to build a strong employer identity that motivates potential candidates to apply. In fact, jobseekers that visit your company page are, on average, 2.5x more likely to apply to your jobs.[1]


How to claim your Indeed Company Page

If you have an employer account and have posted a job on Indeed, your Company Page will automatically be claimed and tied to your account. You can then start editing and customising your page to start building your employer brand.

If you do not have an employer account on Indeed, you can claim your free Company Page by:

  1. Go to and search for your company name.
  2. Look through search results to find your Company Page and click on it.
  3. Within your Company Page, click the Why Join Us tab next to the Snapshot tab.
  4. On the right side of the page, click “Claim this company page.”
  5. Click “Claim” on the following page.

To edit your Company Page, follow the steps outlined here.


Premium vs. basic Indeed Company Pages

You can claim a basic version of your Indeed Company Page for free, but you can also upgrade your Company Page to get more advanced branding and analytics features.

Some features of Company Pages Premium include:

  • More customisation options (e.g., brand colours, videos and images, page localisation)
  • Highlight jobs that you need to fill quickly
  • Feature employee reviews that showcase your company’s strengths
  • In-depth analytics (e.g., page follower growth, competitor comparisons)
  • Branded company email alerts
  • Branded job postings
  • Filter employee reviews and ratings


Indeed Company Pages features

Here are some of the key features of Indeed Company Pages you can start taking advantage of to attract quality candidates:

Filter employee reviews and ratings

Interested applicants will want to learn more about what it is like to work at your company. Your Company Page allows current and former employees to review and rate their experiences as well as your employee ratings, and provides a customised space for company descriptions and photos. Encourage your current employees to leave honest reviews to give jobseekers a closer look at your company before they decide to apply.

You can also respond to reviews on your Indeed Company Page, whether it is to thank reviewers or publicly reply to comments.


The Snapshot section of your Company Page provides a high-level overview of how Indeed users view your company (e.g., ratings, reviews, happiness scores), as well as an About the company section that you can customise.

This section may include your Work Happiness Score — a survey taken by employees that reveals how satisfied employees are at your company. Employees can rate your company on factors like belonging, flexibility, appreciation, growth, feeling well-managed, etc. The Work Happiness Score will only show up on your Indeed Company Page once at least 20 surveys have been taken for your company (10 in the UK and Canada).

In the About the company section, add your company description, company logo and a link to your website. You can also add some details about your work culture and company values (e.g., collaborative, flexible). Remember, jobseekers typically look for alignment between their own values and a company’s values to identify the right job opportunities.

Why Join Us

Are you a company that hires a bakery to deliver personalised snacks to your employees? Do you offer onsite yoga or meditation? Does your company have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee? Do you offer new parent perks? Candidates want to know. Adding this information to the Why Join Us section of your Indeed Company Page can help candidates picture themselves as part of your team.

Do not forget to add images to the Photos section. Jobseekers often want to see, as well as read, about your company culture and work environment.

Salaries and benefits

All salary data and company benefits listed on your Indeed Company Page are extracted from your past and present job descriptions, reviews and Q&As posted on Indeed.

Check out this article on how to write a job description to make sure you are including the right salary and benefits details that may appear on your Company Page.

Listed jobs

Your Indeed Company page will also pull all of your open job postings on Indeed (as well as any jobs found across the internet for your company) and list them out so they are easily searchable for candidates. You can also connect your ATS if you have one to display all of your open positions.

In short, when you build or even revisit and adjust your Company Pages, you will get to proactively market your company (as well as specific positions) in ways that appeal to jobseekers looking to work at a company like yours.


Indeed Company Pages FAQs

How do I report reviews on my Indeed Company Page?

You can report reviews that break Indeed’s terms of service by submitting a request here. Reasons you may want to report a review on your Indeed Company Page include: false information, discriminatory language, obscenities, “spam” content, defamatory content, allegations of illegal activity, etc.

Can I respond to reviews?

Yes, you can respond to reviews on your Company Page by clicking Add a Comment near the bottom of the review. Since your responses will be visible to everyone who visits your page, always be professional and positive. If you need to address an issue, consider taking it offline when possible.

Can I remove negative reviews?

No, you cannot delete a review if it meets our content guidelines. Here are some tips for responding to negative reviews from employees.

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