Job Application Forms (With Samples and Template)

A well-designed job application form is essential to hire new employees for a particular role. The popularity of job boards like Indeed ensures that your job postings have many qualified candidates. As employers, it can be challenging to shortlist ideal candidates from a large number of applications. Organisations must develop comprehensive job application forms to collect employee data that helps HR curate their talent pool for hiring. Standardised job application forms help you learn more about potential candidates and compare their suitability for a particular role. In this article, you will learn about creating effective job application forms with tips and tricks supplemented with samples.

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Common types of job application forms

Employers can utilise several ways to collect candidate data. Here are a few ways an employee can ask candidates to apply for a role in their organisation.

1. Online

Applicants are asked to apply online for a position in an organisation. Candidates use the job application forms available on the company website and job boards to submit their information and apply for the role.

2. In-person

Employers sometimes conduct physical hiring drives. Here, candidates fill up paper-based applications on-site or at job fairs. This way, candidates can clear up their queries in real time. While applying for jobs in-person, candidates should also be prepared to interview after submitting the application form.

3. Email

Candidates can apply for a position at an organisation by writing a personalised email to the manager responsible for hiring. Candidates can customise the email to make their case for the position while enclosing their resume (bio-data) and cover letter for the manager to consider.

While each method of job application has its merits, using job application forms can really simplify the application process for employers and employees.

Pros of job application forms

Recruiters and HR personnel invest a lot of time and resources in crafting and finetuning job application forms. These forms help streamline the recruitment process and allow recruiters to choose the right candidate effectively. Here are some crucial benefits of job application forms.        

1. Speed up the recruitment process

As recruiters must go through multiple applications while hiring for a single position, a comprehensive job application form can accelerate the hiring process. As an employer, you can easily access relevant and critical information regarding candidates and make informed hiring decisions.

2. Help employers determine a candidate’s competency for a role

You can customise your job application form with well-targeted questions that test the candidates’ responses and reactions to certain situations. So, job application forms can help you better understand whether candidates can effectively handle the role they are applying for.

3. Streamline documentation processes

Standardised job application forms make it easier for employers to organise, monitor, and update their applicant and employee databases with relevant data. A well-maintained employee and talent database can enhance an organisation’s efficiency.

4. Help recruiters prepare for the application process

Recruitment in modern workplaces is a lengthy process with many necessary steps. Job application interviews provide recruiters with adequate information that can help them extensively test candidates with the right questions during the interview. Recruiters can thus save time and resources while keeping the interview brief and direct.

5. Increased applicant accuracy

Unlike traditional applications, job application forms ensure that candidates provide all requisite information while applying for a particular role, thus increasing applicant accuracy in the hiring process.

Creating efficient job application forms is crucial for employers to deal with multiple applications and make the right hire.

Cons of job application forms

While job application forms come with many advantages, they also have a few disadvantages you need to know about.

1. Lack of personal interaction

While job application forms can help shortlist customers quickly, they are impersonal and do not indicate the applicant’s personality.

2. Some skilled professionals may struggle with written communication

Not all professionals are adept at written communication. They may possess the proper skill set and experience but will struggle with completing job application forms as they will be unable to express themselves to the best of their abilities. A recruiter might choose a less qualified candidate over them because of their writing limitations.

3. Keyword filtering can sometimes filter out strong candidates

Keyword filtering has been revolutionary in speeding up the hiring process as it quickly skims through job applications to shortlist ideal candidates. However, keyword filtering has limitations and may cause your organisation to lose out on qualified candidates who did not use similar keywords.

It is essential to keep the cons of job application forms in mind while deciding upon your recruitment strategy.

Important things to include in a job application form

While a job application form can be customised according to your organisation’s needs, here are a few essentials to ask applicants through a job application form.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Work eligibility
  • School(s) attended
  • Degrees obtained
  • Graduation Date
  • Skills
  • Hobbies and extracurricular activities
  • Previous employer names and contact information
  • Previous job titles and responsibilities
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Permission to contact previous employers
  • References

A job application form that covers this information will provide you with adequate applicant data to shortlist your ideal candidates for the interview.

Job application form template

While there are different types of job forms available, here is a template that includes the essentials needed to make an informed hire.

Personal information

First Name:

Last Name:


City, State, PIN Code:

Phone Number:

Email address:

Have you applied before?

Have you worked here before?

Do you have transportation?

Are you over 18 years old?

Proof of citizenship?

Convicted of a felony in the last 5 years?

If yes, what’s the nature of the crime?

Position and availability

Position applying for:

Desired salary:

Available start date:

End date (for off-roll employees):

Days of availability (if applicable):

Hours of availability (if applicable):

Available for overtime?

Education and experience



City, State, PIN Code:

Degree earned:



City, State, PIN Code:

Number of years completed:

Did you graduate?

Degree earned:

Employment history

Currently employed?

Name of employer:

Name of supervisor:

Phone Number:


City, State, PIN Code:

Dates of employment:

Salary/hourly rate of pay:

Position and duties:

Reason for leaving:

May we contact your employers for references?

This simple job application form provides you with important information that can help you shortlist candidates for the interview.

Job application sample

Here is a job application sample showing how candidates will provide their information using the application form.

Personal information

First Name: Anant

Last Name: Tripathi

Address: 121, Main Street

City, State, PIN Code: Ragpur, Ragaland, 112222 

Phone Number: +91 9988998899

Email Address:

Have you applied before? No

Have you worked here before? No

Do you have transportation? Yes

Are you over 18 years old? Yes

Proof of citizenship? Yes

Convicted of a felony in the last 5 years? No

If yes, what’s the nature of the crime? N/A

Position and availability

Position applying for: Copywriter

Desired salary: Negotiable

Available start date: 02 November, 2022

End date (for off-roll employees): N/A

Days of availability (if applicable): All

Hours of availability (if applicable): All

Available for overtime? Yes

Education and experience

School: Education Senior Secondary School

Address: 1224, Main Street

City, State, PIN Code: Ragpur, Ragaland, 112222

Degree earned: RBSE Board, 10+2

College/University: Ragaland University

Address: 234, Secondary Street

City, State, PIN Code: Ragpur, Ragaland, 112223

Number of years completed: 3

Did you graduate? Yes

Degree earned: BA, English

Employment history

Currently employed? Yes

Name of employer: Wavewood Tech

Name of supervisor: Sanjeev Shukla

Phone Number: +91 8899889988

Address: 345, Main Street

City, State, PIN Code: Ragpur, Ragaland, 112227

Dates of employment: 3/2019 – present

Salary/hourly rate of pay: Rs. 350 per hour

Position and duties: Copywriter

Reason for leaving: Company closing

May we contact your employers for references? Yes

Thus, a job application form can simplify and streamline your recruitment process by collecting the right data about the applicants.

Over time, hiring is increasingly becoming a more resource-intensive process. The growing reliability of workplaces on the internet and the rising popularity of remote jobs have opened up the job market. Companies these days have the luxury of choosing from a diverse pool of skilled employees from all over the world. Job application forms can simplify the hiring process by helping you collect the necessary information regarding your candidates in a standardised manner. This data can then be compared so that you can shortlist the best candidates out of all applicants. While job application forms may have flaws and lack a personal touch, they are essential to ensure that your company is well-equipped with applicant data to make an informed decision regarding their next hire.

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